bop2BOP Handling System for Land Rigs

10,000 lbs. (4,536 kg)  to 100,000 Lbs.  (45359 Kg) Capacities available

RAM Chain Hoist Based Handling Systems

Suitable for use with 13 5/8  to 18 ¾ inch up to 15K BOP Stacks

Air or Hydraulic Chain Hoist provide smooth safe Stack handling

Available in standard and Low-Headroom Configurations

Length of lift is variable.    Motorized Trolley & Rack Pinion Drives.

RAM rates the handling system on the load capacity of a single hoist.

Systems can be rated at the combined capacity of both hoists at the operator/owner’s discretion.

Just link on the capacity link below to find the System to suit your application.

General Capacities per individual Hoist :
lbs. tons lbs. tons
10,000 5 80,000 40
20,000 10 100,000 50
32,000 16
40,000 20
50,000 25
60,000 30
75,000 37.5


Options Available for All Handling Systems:

  • Range of Lift or Reach from 10 to 60 feet.
  • Lower Bottom Block Assemblies with Clevis in lieu of load hook
  • Spark Resistant components for special applications
  • Rack section with sole plate for Rack & Pinion trolley drives
  • Tie bar-Four Point lifting systems for Operator Compliance
  • Low Headroom hoist and trolley configuration to as little as 28 inches.