partsTotal Quality Objective:

RAM Tool & Hoist Produces the World’s most Technologically Advanced Air Winch and Hoist Systems. The RAM manufacturing Process Incorporates the highest
standards of Quality and Safety for all Utility and Personnel Lifting Equipment.

The RAM Standard:

All Parts and Components manufactured by RAM for RAM & Ingersoll Rand Air Winches and Base Mounted Hoists are engineered for the following design criteria:


All RAM “KLONE” Air Winch Parts will match the exact Original Ingersoll Rand factory design dimensions. This allows any RAM Air Winch part to be installed on any Ingersoll Rand Air Winch currently in production as well as those Air Winches that have discontinued from production over the years.


All Ingersoll Rand Air Winch, Load Bearing Parts originally manufactured with cast “Grey” iron have been replaced by ASTM A353 Grade LCC Heat Treated Alloy Cast Steel. This provides superior ductility of load bearing members, safe, welded field repair and also allows for operation in Low‐Temperature Applications.

Technical Superiority:

All RAM Air Winch Parts incorporate Upgrades and Improvements to the original air winch parts to make safe, longer lasting operation and “easier to maintain” serviceability RAM’s highest priority.

Yet each part and component can be installed without modification in place of the existing air winch part.

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