Please click the following link  for information on Understanding RAM Air Winch Model Codes

Once you determine the type of winch and model code of what you wish to buy you will need to contact RAM.

Below you will see two links, one to check on RAM-Fast Track Inventory and one to request a quote.

Buy a Winch: What  is currently in stock and ready to Ship on the RAM Fast Track Inventory Program

Buy a Winch: Get a Quote

Or just feel free to give RAM a call at 281-999-8665.

Ask the operator to be connected with Sales and we will happy to help you. RAM Winch & Hoist s open from 8:00 to 5:00 PM CST


RAM has at any given time , several million dollars of NEW air winches on the shelf that can be shipped within one to five days depending on the accessories required to out fit the winch.

You will find our most Popular Models of air winches, each available in the most common drum lengths and control configurations:

For Example:

  • The 150 Kg / 337 Lbs. “Manlifter” model AML336
  • The 2,000 Lbs. “Derrickman” Model DM2040
  • The 4,000 Model HUR40
  • The 5,000 Lbs. Model K5UL
  • The 5,000 “Manlifter” Model K5UR50DML
  • The 10,000 Lbs. “King Klone” Model K6UL
  • The 10,000 Lbs. “Manlifter” Model K6ULML
  • The 20,000 Lbs. Model AW2.9
  • The 22,000 Lbs. Model AW3B

There are to many other used and remanufactured air winches to list here, please contact RAM for more.