remote-controlRAM – Air, Hydraulic or Electric Remote Control Systems

RAM provides our customers with various choices of remote control systems required to suit a specific Onshore or Offshore application:

Designed to deliver truly proportional variable speed control and capable of both local and remote operation for both air and hydraulic winches.

Air & Hydraulic:

  • Full Flow for shorter distances: 2 to 15 feet
  • Pilot air or hydraulic signal operated controls for longer distances:  5 to 100 feet
  • Electric operated , electric over air  or electric over hydraulic for any distance.

Select from the following Operator Choices:

  • Hand Held Pendants
  • Small Enclosures;  Stationary or Portable
  • Radio Controls-Hand Held   &  Neck or Shoulder supported Portable Consoles
  • Stationary Pedestal  Control Consoles

Please note:

The use of remote controls prohibits the use of free spooling clutches or manual brakes